This tutorial will explain you how to set custom commission fees for our auction theme for wordpress. Follow the steps below:

First of all you should enable Custom Commissions by selecting “Yes” on the “Enable Custom Commissions”.
Press “Save Options” button and you can set now price ranges for your products. In the “Low Rage Price” you must fill the lowest price of a product that will have the commission applied, the “High Range Price” is for highest price of a product which will have the commission applied and of course “Commission Rate” will set the percentage of the commission.
Clicking the “Add New Range” button will add your new range to the “Current Price Ranges” section.

Now that you have set a price range we can test it for an product. Let’s buy “Razer Mamba Mouse 3D” which comes at a price of 199USD. For a product between 150USD and 250USD we should have an 10% commission fee. Clicking on “Buy Now !” button you should see a page like the one displayed on the next image.

Continue the process by clicking on the “Yes, Confirm ¬®Purchase and Agree!” button.

In this example I payed with credits but depending on your package you might have other payment options.

After a purchase the seller will have in his “Not Shipped Items” section a list of products not shipped. After the product has been successfully shipped you can click the “Mark as Shipped” button.

In the “InSite Transaction” section of the site, you can see all transactions made, including the ones for the commissions. In our test case the first transaction “Payment fee for auction Razer Mamba Mouse 3d” corresponds to the 10% comission fee.